January 29, 2015

Office of Consumer Protection Featured on NBC “Today Show”

While the production crew sets up, TODAY Investigative Reporter Josh Rossen prepares to interview the Office of Consumer Protection Director Eric Friedman in the OCP office in Rockville.

Montgomery County’s Office of Consumer Protection (OCP) was featured recently in a consumer report on the NBC “Today Show” alerting consumers to the nationwide problem created by certain towing practices and focusing on predatory and aggressive towing practices.

TODAY National Investigative Correspondent Jeff Rossen captured video of vehicles being towed minutes after the owners parked and walked away. Rossen interviewed OCP Director Eric Friedman regarding trespass towing and the complaints handled by OCP’s investigators.

As a behind-the-scenes follow-up to this story, Friedman received high praise from TODAY Investigative producer Josh Davis, who wrote in an email to Eric: “We could never have done our story without you. You went above and beyond the level of courtesy we’ve ever experienced before. ... I hope we can work together again soon.”

OCP, the County’s consumer protection agency, investigates thousands of complaints each year involving automotive sales and repairs, new home purchases, home improvements, credit issues, retail sales, Internet services and most other consumer transactions. OCP provides pre-purchase information to consumers, as well as speakers to the community on consumer issues.

For more information and consumer advice, call 240-777-3636 or visit the OCP website.

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  1. Thank you for looking into predatory towing practices. I was a victim this summer and had to pay $400. I used a store associated with the lit, but then went to get coffee next door. It was in downtown Bethesda.

    1. We are looking at other things we can do, within our legal limits, to put an end to this. Stay tuned.

  2. Illegal/aggressive predatory towing .. Yes, indeed..perhaps Gov't should check out in Wheaton. I know that well because I had lost my job over that issue because of the crooks in the office sided up with tow companies ripping off citizens and businesses for their own interest & benefits.


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