January 29, 2015

Leggett Introduces Legislation to Combat Human Trafficking in County

County Executive Ike Leggett has sent legislation to the County Council that will give police an effective tool to combat human trafficking in Montgomery County and protect victims of this devastating crime.

The proposed legislation, supported by the Executive’s Human Trafficking Task Force, will impose regulations on “bodyworks” establishments, which have become a common venue for human trafficking. “Bodywork” establishments are businesses that advertise bodywork services, such as reflexology, acupressure and other practices that fall outside the State definition of massage, or where any employee, agent or contractor performs bodywork on an individual.

The County’s Human Trafficking Task Force is recommending two bills intended to address loopholes in the current law, making Montgomery County a less attractive location for human traffickers and improving collaboration and enforcement ability between the departments of Health and Human Services, Permitting Services and Police.

The other piece of legislation will amend the zoning code to require that all land uses be appropriately licensed where required by state or local law. As a result, operating a massage or bodyworks establishment without a license will also be grounds to revoke a Use & Occupancy Permit.

See more information in the news release.

Read The Washington Post article.


  1. What makes Montgomery County a magnet for this type of exploitation? Is the government really trying to address this issue of human and sex trafficing or are they just trying to look like they are doing something? I don't think what is being proposed will have any impact whatsoever on human trafficing.

  2. There are rings engaged in this up and down the East Coast. In the past the County has cracked down on the use of massage parlors for human trafficking. The traffickers are working around that by using reflexology and acupuncture and like businesses as fronts for this activity. Our police who deal with this need help with the law. A similar statewide bill failed to pass the General Assembly last year, so the County is doing it on the local level.

  3. There is no human trafficking in Montgomery County. What a stupidity! As for body workers - they just do massage. Or maybe the Council suspects prostitution? Prostitutes no longer operate via massage parlors, no need for that, escorts are easily available in every state and no politician was every able to figure out a bill that would terminate them. For obvious reasons - politicians use prostitutes themselves. Apart from that I want to ask you hypocrites - what's wrong with sex for money between consenting adults and why this should be anybody's business??

    1. Because women, especially immigrants, are victimized by human trafficking rings that operate all along the East Coast. This law is another tool to help our police deal with this.

  4. Legget should be voted out...


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