April 25, 2016

Montgomery County Delegation 2016 Session Accomplishments

The 2016 Session was one of the busiest ever, with a record breaking number of bills introduced. Lots of bills passed and progress was made on many policy fronts. However, a number of high profile initiatives did not advance and will be carried over into the 2017 Session as “unfinished business.” The Montgomery County Delegation played a leadership role in numerous budget and legislative matters that will have immediate and longer term positive impacts on our residents and businesses.

For the first time in a number of years, both the operating and capital budget bills were passed early with little fanfare. Overall, State aid directed to Montgomery County will increase by about $38 million, from $721 million to $759 million. This increase is driven almost entirely by mandated State funding to support the costs of delivering K-12 education services and the programs provided by Montgomery College at its three campuses.

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