April 11, 2016

Seven-Year-Old Everyday Hero Honored for Making the Right Call

Jenna, a seven-year-old girl from Silver Spring, has been hailed a hero for making the right call. Working on a school project, Jenna went into another room to get markers when she found her father lying unconscious on the floor. Recognizing that her father needed immediate assistance, Jenna was brave enough to call 911.

On March 30, Fire Chief Scott Goldstein praised Jenna for her quick thinking, calm demeanor and for remembering her home address as she made the potentially lifesaving 911 call. Goldstein presented Jenna with a medal and plaque in recognition of her outstanding effort.

Following the recognition, Jenna was able to meet the Montgomery County Fire and Rescue Service (MCFRS) call taker/dispatcher, Amanda Poore, who took Jenna’s 911 call and stayed on the line with the child until emergency workers arrived.

More on this at MCFRS Story and http://wjla.com/features/good-morning-washington/7-year-old-honored-for-contacting-911-during-emergency

April is National 9-1-1- Education Month. Read more to learn about how to be prepared to use the 9-1-1 system to get help in an emergency.

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