January 31, 2018

Leggett Releases FY19 Capital Budget

Capital Budget

County Executive Ike Leggett released his recommended FY19 Capital Budget and six-year FY19-24 Capital Improvements Program (CIP) his final Capital Budget as County Executive on Tuesday, January 16. His six-year CIP totals $4.521 billion. It includes $1.751 billion for the Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS), the highest level ever. Including this recommendation, MCPS capital funding under Leggett has grown by $577.8 million – a 49.2 -percent increase - over the past 12 years.

Over the 12 years that Leggett has served as County Executive he has opened and renovated new County facilities of all types, adding more than 21,000 classroom seats in public schools, opening a record number of new fire stations, and expanding Montgomery College – as well as more funding for such “back to basics” as road repaving and maintenance, clean energy buses, and snow removal apparatuses.