January 10, 2018

Statement by Montgomery County Executive Ike Leggett On Federal Decision to End Temporary Protected Status for Salvadorans Living in the United States

“The announcement today by the federal Department of Homeland Security ending Temporary Protected Status for citizens of El Salvador resident in the United States under this program is unfortunate and should be condemned by all people of good will. Even though this would not be effective for 18 months, the action threatens to tear apart communities and families who have put down strong roots here.

"Montgomery County is a welcoming community. This action is the opposite of welcoming. I urge the President and the Congress to work together to craft a sensible solution so that this wholly counterproductive action does not come to pass.”


  1. It is a good time to end the Temporary Protected Status for citizens of El Salvador resident in the United States that was to help them after the earthquake.
    Now become citizens just like everyone else in the world has to do it by going through the proper way and stop taking advantage of the government being nice all this time. Far is Fair for all the rest of the people who like to become citizen the proper way.
    We need to help others out in other countries also.
    So good luck in the process.
    You knew from the start it was just temporary.

  2. I am a welcoming person. But, I do not condemn the action. I support the action and expect our government to take the appropriate actions to determine if visitors are likely to be good neighbors before they are granted rights of visitation, residency or citizenship. And most certainly before they have a right to vote.


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