January 31, 2018

Older Driver Safety Education and Resources

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Montgomery County’s Age Friendly Advisory Group examined the topic of older driver safety during its January meeting. Detective Michael Polcsa, Montgomery County Department of Police, and Shawn Brennan, Department of Health and Human Services, discussed many aspects of this important topic. Both departments have partnered with Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA) to educate the public about older driver safety.

Overall, drivers over age 60 are safe drivers; however, they are more likely to be injured or killed if involved in a crash. While the County works hard with its partners to expand transportation options for older adults, leaders recognize that driving is preferred by many residents.

MVA’s goal is to keep drivers behind the wheel as long as it is safe. To support that goal, they created Maryland’s "Resource Guide for Aging Drivers". This helpful booklet addresses how health impacts driving; safe driving skills; MVA’s medical review process; and transitioning from driving.

See more information from County's senior website.