January 27, 2021

Montgomery County Alcohol Beverage Services Launches ‘Amplify Black Voices’ Program

Montgomery County Alcohol Beverage Services (ABS) has launched its “Amplify Black Voices” digital marketing campaign that highlights Black-owned wine and spirits brands and Black leaders in the alcohol industry. The campaign will be featured throughout February, which is recognized as Black History Month.

The campaign will feature eight “voices” on the ABS website, a free virtual wine event via Zoom and a 10 percent discount on participating products in ABS’ 26 retail stores. Throughout the month, brand stories, cocktail recipes and wine pairings will be shared with consumers via electronic newsletters and social media channels. Amplify Black Voices will celebrate makers and industry leaders who are breaking barriers and have inspirational stories.

“While this initial program will kick off on Black History Month, we are committed to growing the program and making sure that Black-owned products are interlaced into our marketing strategy year-round,” said ABS Senior Marketing Officer Melissa Davis.

ABS is the alcohol wholesaler of beer, wine, and spirits for Montgomery County. ABS operates 25 beer, wine and spirits stores and one spirits-only store in Poolesville. It manages alcohol licensing, enforcement and education for more than 1,000 businesses. Generating more than $35 million in net income annually, ABS profits are used to pay down County debt with a large portion deposited in the County general fund to pay for resident services that would otherwise be funded by County tax dollars.