January 27, 2021

Text-To-911 Now Available in Maryland

Anyone who is experiencing an emergency in Maryland and is unable to place a voice call to 911 can now send a text message to 911.

Follow these steps to request emergency services via text:
  • Enter 911 in the “To” line.
  • Enter a brief message that includes the location of the emergency and type of service needed – police, fire or ambulance.
  • Hit send.
  • Respond to questions from the responding 911 specialist and follow the instructions they quickly provide.
Tips for using text-to-911:
  • If text-to-911 is not available in your area, or if it is temporarily unavailable, you should receive a message from your carrier letting you know to place a phone or relay call.
  • Pictures and/or videos cannot be received by 911 via text.
  • If you include another contact on your text, it may not be received by 911.
  • English is the preferred language for text. However, some limited translation services may be available.
  • Text in short, simple messages. Do not use abbreviations or slang.
  • Do not text and drive.