May 19, 2021

‘Mental Health Hikes’ Continue Throughout May at Locations Around the County

“Mental health hikes” aimed at raising awareness and ending the stigma associated with mental health disorders are being held daily throughout May at locations around Montgomery County. Montgomery Parks is collaborating with EveryMind,,a nonprofit mental health organization in the County, to organize the hikes

The hikes are being held in May, which is recognized as Mental Health Awareness Month. The hikes vary in distance.

The event offers the community an opportunity to support mental health awareness while engaging in a fun and family-friendly physical activity that promotes positive mental wellness for all.

“Several studies have shown that being outdoors, getting active and breathing in the fresh air, can boost energy, enhance mood and have positive effects on overall mental health,” said Shaalini Stone of EveryMind. “There are so many beautiful trails within Montgomery Parks that offer the perfect setting to immerse yourself in nature.”

To learn more about the hiking program and to register online, visit EveryMile for EveryMind.