August 11, 2021

County Renters May Be Protected from Eviction Via New Order from CDC

Montgomery County residential renters who are behind on rent may be protected from eviction by a new temporary order issued by the Federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

However, the CDC order of protection, which expires on Oct. 3, is not automatic and is not a complete moratorium on evictions.

Tenants can contact any of the local organizations listed below for help in determining their eligibility to use the CDC Declaration form, which can temporarily protect them from eviction. These organizations can also assist in applications for rental assistance.

Organizations that can provide assistance include:
If called to court, tenants must attend court to present a defense. Free help is available. Tenants should ask for Legal Aid when they arrive at court.

At court, a tenant can execute a CDC declaration or present evidence that they previously provided the declaration to their landlord. If a tenant presents a landlord with the CDC declaration form, that will delay eviction actions until after the CDC temporary order expires.

More information about the CDC Eviction Protection Order, and other information for tenants, is available at