October 19, 2022

Bike Collection Drive Draws New Record

The Montgomery County Department of Transportation (MCDOT) is connecting people who have a bike to donate with people who need one. MCDOT collected 370 bicycles at its annual bike donation event in Rockville on Oct. 14, exceeding last year’s then-record collection of 297 bicycles.

MCDOT sponsored the collection of child and adult bikes in partnership with Rockville Bike Hub and Bikes for the World. Volunteers from these organizations will refurbish the bikes and place them with low-income children and adults through the MCDOT Bike Match Program, the Rockville Terrific Kids program and Bikes for the World.

“Since the Bike Match program began in June 2020, we have received nearly 600 bike requests from County residents in need and have placed 260 bike donations with residents through just that program,” said MCDOT Director, Chris Conklin. “We were in need of more than 300 bikes to fulfill the requests we received, and a portion of these bikes will be able to fulfill those requests. I want to thank everyone who donated a bike to this great cause.”

County residents who would like to request a bike or still have a child or adult bike to donate can fill out a form on MCDOT’s website.