October 12, 2022

October Is Being Celebrated as ‘Energy Action Month’ With Many Events to Inspire Going Electric and Lowering Energy Costs

October is “Energy Action Month” and Montgomery County, in collaboration with the Montgomery Energy Connection network, is celebrating this year with the theme “Electrify Everything” to focus on going electric inside and around the home.

The County’s Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), Montgomery County Recreation, the Department of Health and Human Services, Montgomery County Public Libraries and community partners are working together to provide opportunities and information to move to electric energy and lower energy costs.

There will be an Electrify theme for each week in October:
  • Oct 10-16: Electrify Your Home
  • Oct. 17-23: Electrify Your Kitchen
  • Oct. 24-31: Electrify Your Lawn
Since September 1991, October has been recognized as National Clean Energy Action Month. The designation is to increase nationwide attention to energy use and to develop energy-efficient behaviors that will continue throughout the year.

“This month-long celebration has now become an opportunity for our County residents to take proactive steps to use less energy and go electric,” said County Executive Marc Elrich. “As people understand and embrace electric vehicles, I hope the same will soon be said for people going all-electric in their homes. I am proud that our County government is taking the steps to make the transition to all-electric easier for people and businesses."

As part of the month’s activities, DEP is encouraging residents to sign an “Electrify Everything Pledge” to commit to choosing climate-friendly, clean, all-electric appliances and equipment when renovating or upgrading homes.

Residents who take the pledge can demonstrate their commitment to going electric and learn more about making the switch from natural gas and other fossil fuels to electric alternatives. The County will soon be announcing a pilot program to provide financial incentives for converting homes to electric energy.

Throughout the month of October, DEP will be hosting and supporting dozens of Energy Action Month events including lightbulb exchanges, food demonstrations and webinars.

Highlights of Energy Action Month include:
For more information on the events and activities celebrating Energy Action Month, go to https://mygreenmontgomery.org/2022/electrify-everything/ .

To take the Electrify Everything Pledge, go to https://bit.ly/ElectrifyMC .