June 12, 2019

A County Full of PRIDE

Montgomery County Executive Marc Elrich and County Councilmember (At-Large) Evan Glass honored Pride Month with members of the County Council and leaders of the LGBTQ+ community with a flag-raising ceremony at the Executive Office Building’s Veterans Memorial Plaza. This is the first Pride flag raising in the County’s 243-year history. Glass is the first openly LGBTQ+ member of the County Council.


  1. We don't give a damn about a persons sexual orientation

  2. Happy to have the rainbow flag displayed but NOT
    at Veteran's Plaza! Veteran's sites should be limited
    to honoring vets...American, State, MIA-POW flags and perhaps flags
    representing our military branches.
    Special interest flags can be flown at multiple other sites and these sites should be open to any and all special groups...just to keep it fair and just.

  3. Pride? Proud to be sexual deviates? It is against all religions and above all against nature.

    1. You are exactly correct! And there places in this nation that won’t let you fly the American flag?! No way! God created man and woman to be married and procreate. Every other combination is against God and the majority of Americans. Vote first- the people that is. Shall we celebrate rape next! Hey it’s says rape is ok for Muslims in the Quran! No way. This is whether you like it or not a Christian founded country!!!!! Get a real history class and learn our history & heritage!

  4. Why are we as a county/ country celebrating something that is morally wrong and unnatural? I respect everyone as a child of God, cannot celebrate this depravity. Take the flag down please.

  5. Please take the rainbow flag down and stop celebrating something that is against God and nature.


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