June 10, 2019

Dockless e-Scooters Join County’s Expanding Programs for Dockless Bikes and e-Bikes

With dockless bikes and e-bikes having been tested and enjoyed in several areas of the County, the County’s Department of Transportation is expanding the program to an add a pilot program for dockless e-scooters.

Three companies have been selected to deploy dockless e-scooters and e-bikes at no cost to the County. The demonstration project will include monthly free e-scooter training sessions.

Lyft will provide e-scooters in the East County Service Area; Bird will provide e-scooters in the West County Service Area; and Lime will provide both e-bikes and e-scooters in both service areas.  Each company’s vehicles will be limited to operation within their specific geo-fenced service area. All vendors require that riders be at least 18 years old and have a valid driver’s license.

More information about the programs is available here.


  1. Allowing these stupid scooters on the trail systems is a terrible idea. Even before the poorly conceived idea to make them legal, abandoned scooters were already trashing the Sligo Creek Trail. Trails are supposed to be places of peace, relaxation and human-powered exercise. This new policy is an example of Montgomery County going out of its way to destroy a good thing.

  2. Dockless e-bikes and e-scooters pose a danger to riders who fail to wear head & arm protection (witness the rise in serious injuries and ER visits in other urban & suburban communities that recently approved their use; such as Nashville, TN where a young adult died secondary to head injuries sustained in an e-scooter "crash.") Dockless anything creates pedestrian hazards when devices are left strewn across sidewalks & cross-walk curb cuts; & are espercially hazardous to Blind/low-vision persons & persons who need use of mobility devices such as wheelchairs where a "clear path" is essential. Plus the low/no noise of electric motors in e-bikes and e-scooters driven on sidewalks and paths create startle/loss of balance and injury hazards for Deaf/hearing-impaired persons and mobility devices users (such as wheelchair and seated scooter users) who may not detect approaching e-bikes & e-scoothers coming from behind and be startled or unable to move out of the way quickly enought to avoid a collision or fall from loss of balance. While I'm not entirely against use of such e-devices, their use should be carefully managed both for the safety of the riders, as well as pedestrians (including persons with disabilities) moving in the same walking space. "Dockless" implies the e-bikes & e-scooters can be left anywhere without reproach or penality; this is a recipe for disaster! I hope the County will take a step back and reconsider how to *safely* allow e-scooters & e-bikes in public spaces so that *all* County residents can continue to enjoy & utilize "pedestrian" public spaces. I *implore* the County to *slow down & carefully think through safety and accessibility issues* when introducing new motorized devices to shared public spaces.
    Speaking from the perspective of many MoCo concerned residents, persons with disabilities, parents of young chidren, & older adults -- LET'S DISCUSS & FIND A WAY FOR ALL TO SAFELY ENJOY OUR SHARED PUBLIC SPACES, including trails and sidewalks.


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