June 26, 2019

What You Need to Know About County Executive Marc Elrich’s Economic Vision

Montgomery County Executive Marc Elrich recently presented his vision for economic development to the County Council.

Economic Vision
Focuses on building a modern economy that encourages entrepreneurship, moves people and goods efficiently, develops today’s and tomorrow’s workforce, reduces burdensome regulations and promotes opportunity for all.

Five components of Elrich’s economic vision include:
  1. Creating a robust transportation system to move people, goods and data efficiently for doing business. Elrich’s transportation team is working to advance a Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system as quickly and efficiently as possible, and is supporting innovation, including the pilot FLEX microtransit program. Elrich is working to gain support for the addition of two reversible lanes on I-270, and he is working with state and regional partners to support Metro.
  2. Better development of our workforce. Education is an integral part of the County’s economic development infrastructure from early childhood development to lifelong learning to attracting young families and to matching jobs with available talent.
  3. Enhancing entrepreneurship. The Elrich administration is reviewing its overall entrepreneurial climate and strategy – including a look at its three existing incubators. They are also focused on branding the County better to promote the rich array of available assets and to connect local businesses with resources and services.
  4. Engaging cooperatively with business leaders and business owners around the County to identify what they need to thrive in Montgomery County.
  5. Tracking our progress: measuring the performance of the County, its Economic Development Corporation and WorkSource Montgomery for results.
During the first six months of his administration, Elrich hosted six 4Business listening sessions; personally visited local companies; made procurement more user friendly; opened the Business Connect hub at the Upcounty Regional Services Center; and drafted the Small Business Strategic Plan.

In the coming weeks and months, the Silver Spring Business Connect hub will open and two roundtable charrettes are planned later this year as part of the 4Business: Benchmarking to Be the Best for Business initiative. Elrich encourages the business community to send their input about doing business in Montgomery County to 4business@montgomerycountymd.gov by August 31.