April 21, 2021

Construction of Avocet Towers in Bethesda to Close Two Lanes of Montgomery Avenue for Five Nights Each Week

Construction of a project by Avocet Towers Investors, LLC will close down two lanes of traffic five nights each week on Montgomery Avenue between Wisconsin Avenue and Waverly Street in Bethesda through mid-summer. The road closure will occur near the future building located at 7373 Wisconsin Ave.

The lanes will be temporarily closed overnight from 9 p.m. through 5 a.m. Sundays through Thursdays. Weather and progress permitting, the work should be complete by mid-summer.

Night work is required to minimize traffic congestion due to existing construction activities during daytime hours, pedestrian safety concerns and impacts to local businesses.

The lane closures are needed to install new water laterals and abandon existing water main as building construction continues. The work will include cutting the asphalt, excavation, pipe placement, water line shut down to abandon existing water main, backfill and compaction of the lines.

The field supervisor on-site, Ed Tribull, can be reached at 240-876-3888 to address any questions/concerns regarding the closures during construction.

Additional questions or comments on the project can be directed to Anna Nazarova at anazarova@flippo.com or 202-437-2702.