April 21, 2021

Prize-winning Washington Post Journalist Michelle Singletary Joins the ‘Contemporary Conversations Series’ at the Montgomery County Public Libraries on Saturday, April 24

Michelle Singletary, a prize-winning journalist and nationally syndicated personal finance columnist for The Washington Post, will participate in Montgomery County Public Libraries’ (MCPL) virtual “Contemporary Conversations” series at 7 p.m. on Saturday, April 24. She will discuss the “Five Steps to Thrive During a Financial Crisis and Beyond,” providing information about how to understand personal finances.

Ms. Singletary will talk to participants, hoping to inspire them to learn more about money management and to take better control of their financial affairs during these challenging times.

A frequent contributor to various NPR programs and a regular presence on major networks, NBC, CBS, CNN, PBS and MSNBC, Ms. Singletary is well-known for taking complicated financial terms and concepts and making them easy to understand.

The event is free, but registration is required. To learn more about the event, visit the MCPL website at www.montgomerycountymd.gov/library.