March 24, 2021

All Informal Solicitations of County Government Will Come Under Local Small Business Program Starting April 1 to Help Assist in Recovery from COVID-19

The Montgomery County Government’s director of the Office of Procurement will require all informal solicitations starting April 1 be reserved under the County’s Local Small Business Reserve Program (LSBRP). The initiative is part of County Executive Marc Elrich’s effort to assist local small businesses to recover from the impact of the COVID-19 health crisis.

In Fiscal Year 2020, the County awarded $2,026,173 in informal solicitations. 

“To a small local business, a $75,000 to $100,000 County government contract could make the difference between tiding over or having to permanently shutter their doors,” said Procurement Director Ash Shetty. “It is incumbent on us to make sure that, if there is a competitive pool of local businesses that can meet our needs and requirements, that they be given the opportunity.”

Previously, a County department could submit an exemption request to the Office of Procurement’s Division of Business Relations and Compliance to exempt an informal solicitation from the LSBRP. While the exemptions allowed streamlining of the informal solicitation procurement process, the small purchases (below $100,000) will now provide greater contracting opportunities to local small businesses.

The Office of Procurement urges County small businesses to register for the LSBRP. To learn more about the initiative, visit the Procurement website at