March 17, 2021

Update on COVID-19 Vaccines in the County: Doses Delivered to County Health Department Are Increased

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The number of Montgomery County residents who have received at least one dose of COVID-19 vaccines has continued to increase. And this week, the County health department was informed its weekly allotment of doses from the State has increased.

As of Thursday morning, March 18, Maryland State statistics for Montgomery County show that more than 245,000 Montgomery County residents (23.4 percent of the population) have received their first vaccine dose and more than 128,000 residents (12.2 percent of the population) have been fully vaccinated with either the two-dose Moderna and Pfizer vaccines or the single-dose Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

While vaccination rates are going up, confirmed COVID-19 cases, COVID-19- testing positivity rates and COVID-19 hospital bed use rates are going down in the County. See the County COVID-19 Data Dashboard for details.

The County health department has been notified that it will be receiving 6,600 first doses of vaccine this week, as well as second doses to provide to those vaccinated four weeks ago. 

All County-operated clinics are by appointment only and no walk-ins are allowed.

The County health department has not received details on when it will receive more doses of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.  The County used its first allotment of the J&J vaccine to reach individuals in homeless shelters, as well as essential workers and some homebound seniors.

Vaccine supply is increasing and there will continue to be additional options. The County is planning to establish a future mass vaccination site at Montgomery College's Germantown campus.

The County health department has opened up its vaccination eligibility to residents in Priority Groups 1B (all tiers) and 1C (including those 65 to 74). This includes grocery store workers, teachers, child care workers, food and agricultural workers and postal service workers. These are employees who interact frequently with the public.

The County is trying to inform grocery store employees that they are among those eligible to receive vaccines. The County is encouraging residents to tell employees at their local grocery stores that they should preregister for a COVID-19 vaccination by visiting the County vaccine website. The County is working with large employers to identify essential staff, but it knows that many eligible employees work for small grocery stores and ethnic markets. It wants to make sure they are vaccinated, too.

According to data provided by the State, more than 60 percent of County residents 65 or older have received one dose of vaccine.  There are still a considerable number of residents in this age group who have not preregistered yet. This is particularly true for the County’s Black and Latino residents.  If you or someone you know is 65 or older and has not preregistered for a COVID-19 vaccination, visit the County’s vaccine website and preregister.

If you or another vaccine eligible person needs help to preregister, call the Preregistration Help Line at 240-777-2982.