March 17, 2021

County Executive Elrich Releases $5.97 Billion Recommended FY 2022 Operating Budget That Focuses on ‘Response, Recovery and Resilience’ and Does Not Include a Property Tax Rate Increase


Montgomery County Executive Marc Elrich has released his $5.97 billion Recommended Fiscal Year 2022 Operating Budget that focuses on “response, recovery and resilience” following the COVID-19 health crisis. The budget does not have an increase in the residential property tax rate.

The budget, which by law must be presented to the County Council by March 15 of each year, also shows commitment to the County Executive’s long-term goals of social justice, equity, community resiliency and the challenge of addressing climate change. The Council will review the recommended budget over the next two months and adopt the new County budget in late May. The FY22 budget goes into effect on July 1.

The recommended budget is a 2.2 percent increase from the FY21 approved budget. It reflects a tax-supported budget of $5.13 billion.

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