December 22, 2021

County Provides Free COVID-19 Testing, But Clinics Are Seeing High Demand

Montgomery County continues to offer free COVID-19 testing to anyone who lives, works or regularly visits Montgomery County. However, County-operated clinics are experiencing high demand as the omicron variant spreads throughout the nation.

Information on where to find County-operated test sites can be found at the County’s COVID-19 website at
Due to the high volume of requests for COVID-19 testing, appointment-based sites may be full when people attempt to register. Anyone seeking a test at a County-operated clinic should check the website for the latest information.

County-operated clinics are scheduled to be closed for the Christmas weekend holiday from Friday, Dec. 24, through Sunday, Dec. 26.

Testing is free at County-operated clinics. If a resident has insurance, the clinic will ask for your information, but there are no co-pays or deductibles. The clinics do not require a government ID or a doctor's order.

In addition, many privately operated test facilities are located throughout the County. Those include many drug stores.

County clinics test people of all ages. If young children are brought to an appointment, the clinic may ask to help them get tested as well.

County clinics provide nasal swab tests. The tests are molecular tests, also called PCR tests. These diagnostic tests detect the genetic material of the COVID-19 virus using a lab technique called polymerase chain reaction (PCR). County clinics do not offer antibody testing.

The County’s Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) is distributing free, rapid at-home COVID-19 tests through community testing and safety net partners. These partners have agreed to distribute the tests to specific populations who have difficulty accessing public and private testing sites, such as homebound and homeless and those with intellectual or developmental disabilities. It also is distributing rapid, at-home tests to those at increased risk for COVID (or who work with those at increased risk) due to specific occupations, such as construction, frontline service industry and adult daycare.

Distribution partners currently include Primary Care Coalition members, safety net clinics, DHHS Service Consolidation Hubs and the County’s Crisis Center.

While supplies of these rapid test kits are very limited, the DHHS will increase distribution as more kits become available.

County-run clinics take two or three days to get test results. After being tested, residents will get an email or text message with their results.

To report a positive COVID-19 case at a childcare facility, school or camp, call the County’s COVID-19 Call Center at 240-777-2982.