December 30, 2021

COVID-19 Information Portal Has Statistics on the Virus Including Infections and Vaccinations by Zip Codes

Montgomery County’s COVID-19 Information Portal provides a variety of breakdowns on how the virus has impacted the County. The statistics are updated to reflect the most recent reports from the State of Maryland during the health crisis. Among the information available is how many positive cases have been reported in each zip code in the County.               
For more information about the positive cases reported in the County by zip codes, visit the COVID-19 data dashboard at             

Other breakdowns on the COVID-19 information portal include:                      

Confirmed Cases                      
Confirmed Cases by Age and Month of Specimen Collection                      
Cases by ZIP Code                   
Vaccinations given by zip code                    
Deaths by Age and Gender                      
Deaths by Demographics                      
Deaths by ZIP Code                      
Nursing Home Cases and Deaths                     
Rt graph (time-varying reproduction number)
Montgomery County Employee Cases