December 15, 2021

New Parking Rates Will Go Into Effect in Montgomery County on Monday, Jan. 3

New parking rates at Montgomery County-operated garages, parking lots and street meters will go into effect beginning on Monday, Jan. 3, and will be implemented in stages over the following months. The Montgomery County Council adopted the parking rates as part of the Fiscal Year 2022 budget process. 

Parking revenues go directly to the management, maintenance and improvements of parking programs and services. A portion also goes to supplement other County programs such as the Urban Districts, which support streetscape improvements, lighting maintenance and clean-and-safe crews throughout downtown areas. 

The Montgomery County Department of Transportation (MCDOT), which operates public parking in the County, will modify the hourly rates. Rate increases are calculated based on the parking district’s budget. This is reviewed by MCDOT and the executive office and approved by Council resolution.

To encourage improved traffic management, public safety and provide available convenient spaces for public use, lower rates are applied in off-street facilities and a premium is placed for on-street parking. Pay by Cell support through the downloadable Park Mobile app is available at all on-street metered parking, in County-owned parking lots and ungated County-owned garages.

MCDOT’s Division of Parking Management will place informational signs about the new rates at garages and lots in advance of the planned changes. 

The following chart reflects the new parking rates. All scheduled dates are effective “On or About” as indicated:

Effective Date   

Facilities Affected   

New Hourly Rates   

New Hours    
Requiring Payment   

January 3, 2022   

Bethesda Lots   


9a-10p M-Sa (No Change) 


Bethesda Garages   
40, 47, 57   


7a-10p M-F (No Change) 


Bethesda Garages   
31, 35, 36, 42, 49   


7a-10p M-F (No Change) 


Silver Spring Lots   

$1.25 (No Change) 

7a-10p M-F   


Silver Spring Garages   
58, 60, 61   

$1.25 (No Change) 

7a-10p M-F   


Silver Spring Garages   
3, 7, 9, 16   

$1.00 (No Change) 

7a-10p M-F   


Wheaton Streets   


9a-6p M-Sa (No Change) 


Wheaton Garages   


9a-6p M-Sa (No Change) 

January 10, 2022   

Wheaton Lots   


7a-10p M-Sa   

January 18, 2022   

Silver Spring Garages   
2, 4, 5, 55   

$1.00 (No Change)  

9a-10p M-F   

February 1, 2022   

Bethesda Garage 11   



April 1, 2022   

Silver Spring Streets   

$2.00 (No Change) 

9a-10p M-F   

Parking permit rates: 

Effective Date   

Permit Affected   

New Rates   

February 1, 2022   

Silver Spring Convenience Access Pass  
Only Garages 60, 61   

$195 per Month   


Silver Spring Daily Permit   



Bethesda Convenience Access Pass and 
Parking Convenience Sticker (PCS)   

$195 per Month   


Bethesda Daily Permit & Lost Ticket   


All other rates, including carpool passes, remain unchanged. 

MCDOT continues to enhance its transportation options and support clean energy solutions with the deployment of Electric Vehicle (EV) charging stations at six garages and lots in Silver Spring. Parking is available for four hours at these spaces using the system and electricity rates are charged at $0.13/kWh. For more information on the program, visit 

MCDOT offers assistance finding carpools and vanpools that qualify for reduced parking rates in County parking facilities and other information to help reduce transportation costs. Programs include FareShare transit subsidies and discounts for bikeshare and e-scooters for low-income residents. For more information, visit the TRiPS Commuter Store located on the second level of the Silver Spring Transit Center or go to