May 10, 2022

County Executive Elrich Announces He Will Seek to Establish $1 Million Fund to Ensure Access to Abortion Services

County Executive Elrich Announces He Will Seek to Establish $1 Million Fund to Ensure Access to Abortion Services

Montgomery County Executive Marc Elrich announced this week that he will ask the County Council for supplemental funding of $1 million for services and support to ensure access to abortion, family planning, reproductive and maternal health providers in the County. The funding will ensure that nonprofit providers in the County and assisting organizations will be able to serve the growing need by:
  • Assisting with wraparound services to those who are accessing abortion services to providers, as well as to those who choose to have children.
  • Providing grants to organizations in the County that provide abortion services.
  • Support organizations focused on comprehensive family planning, reproductive health and maternal health.
  • Provide aid to organizations that are fighting legal battles on behalf of women.
“We live in a time where people’s rights are under attack from the Supreme Court to the halls of Congress, to State Houses throughout this nation,” said County Executive Elrich. “We must do all we can to protect women’s health and their personal rights. With this allocation of funds, we are helping ensure that any woman who needs assistance will be able to access it. I want to thank our nonprofit partners, doctors and nurses who are so critical to our efforts. In Montgomery County, we are committed to working in partnership to stand up for all people and will continue to do so.”

Montgomery County Councilmember Nancy Navarro said she supports the County Executive’s request.

“The County Executive’s initiative is in great alignment with the County Council’s resolution on reproductive rights, which I spearheaded,” said Councilmember Navarro. “The resolution affirmed our commitment to ensuring that health care organizations that provide reproductive health services have the appropriate supports and capacity to safeguard the reproductive rights of residents in our communities. As the lone woman Councilmember on the Council, I will continue to do all I can to support the County Executive and the County Council in doing the right thing—protecting our reproductive rights and safeguarding the welfare of all our residents. I also call on Governor Hogan to support reproductive rights in Maryland by releasing the $3.5 million earmarked by the legislature for training.”

Council Vice President Evan Glass, a member of the Council’s Health and Human Services Committee, also said he will support County Executive Elrich’s proposal.

“I want to thank the County Executive for working with me and the Council to expand access to safe and legal abortions in Montgomery County,” said Council Vice President Glass. “These funds will support our most vulnerable residents, who are at risk of becoming even more vulnerable by the Supreme Court. We must do everything we can to protect them and a woman’s right to reproductive healthcare.”