March 20, 2024

Commission on Veterans Affairs Will Join Celebration of ‘National Vietnam Veterans Day’ on Friday, March 29

Commission on Veterans Affairs Will Join Celebration of ‘National Vietnam Veterans Day’ on Friday, March 29

The Montgomery County Commission on Veterans Affairs will join the national celebration of “National Vietnam Veterans Day” on Friday, March 29. The commission will honor more than 80 Montgomery County Vietnam War Era veterans with detailed tributes displayed on a special website created by the commission.

“National Vietnam War Veterans Day” is observed every year on March 29. The special day recognizes the nine million U.S. Armed Forces and Uniformed Services personnel with active-duty service between Nov. 1, 1955, and May 15, 1975, regardless of location of service.

The Vietnam War was one of the longest wars involving America. Starting in 1955, the war went on until 1975, making it the second-longest war with U.S. involvement after the Afghanistan War. More than 2.7 million Americans served during the Vietnam War. In 1973, all combat and support units withdrew from Vietnam, but the war continued to have an impact on many U.S. service members, their families and other Americans.

National Vietnam War Veterans Day honors all who served during its 20-year time. Since respect and combat support was not immediately given to those who served after the war ended and those who died as a result of the war, the Vietnam War Veterans Recognition Act was signed into law in 2017 to finally offer that respect to everyone involved.

The Montgomery Commission on Veterans Affairs website includes photos, military histories and later personal updates of Vietnam veterans who are either originally from the County or who lived in Montgomery after their service. The site can be viewed at

“A special day has been created to honor the veterans who served in the Vietnam War era,” said Wayne Miller, a Vietnam veteran who now chairs the County Commission on Veterans Affairs. “However, the people who served in that difficult period of our nation’s history should be honored every day. This website enables people of our current generation to learn more about the Americans who served during the Vietnam War. The website provides details on how the war influenced the rest of their lives. It also pays tribute to those who gave their lives when asked to serve their country.”

According to the latest available U.S. Census Bureau estimates, there are more than 32,000 County residents who are veterans. Of that number, more than 8,400 are Vietnam War Era veterans.

Records show that 130 County residents were killed in Vietnam and their names are on the County's Vietnam Memorial Wall, which was dedicated in 2018 on Memorial Plaza adjacent to the Executive Office Building in Rockville. A video summary of the memorial dedication can be viewed at

The Vietnam Veterans site also provides access the County’s tribute to “Fallen Heroes.” That site pays tribute to the County’s fallen service members who died in service to the country since World War I. The records show the men and women honored as enlisting, being originally from or having at one-time lived in Montgomery County. That site can be accessed directly at

A veteran can share their story, or someone can share the story of a friend or family member, by filling out the Commission’s Google form or filling out its PDF form.

Questions about the tribute program can be directed to

The following information is needed on the forms:
  • Veteran's name.
  • Name of person submitting information and relationship to the individual.
  • Branch of service and rank.
  • Years of service.
  • Era served (WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Gulf War, Global War on Terror or peacetime/other).
  • Brief narrative of their service.
  • Must have been issued a Department of Defense DD-214 Veteran status.
  • Connection to Montgomery County (where the individual currently lives, grew up, attended high school or college/university, etc.).
  • Photos (preferably one during their service and one present day).
By sending an e-mail to be included, the sender agrees to have the information shared on the County's website and in the Commission on Veterans Affairs social media.

To view Montgomery County Executive Marc Elrich’s thoughts on helping veterans or to learn more about the Montgomery Commission on Veterans Affairs, go to

To learn more about the Montgomery Commission on Veterans Affairs, go to