March 27, 2024

‘Healthy Home Fair’ on Saturday, April 6, Will Be an Inspiring Way to Start Spring

‘Healthy Home Fair’ on Saturday, April 6, Will Be an Inspiring Way to Start Spring

The “Healthy Homes Fair,” which is a free expo and interactive experience for homeowners, renters, home renovation professionals and career seekers, will be held from 1-5 p.m. on Saturday, April 6, at the D.C. Armory. The Montgomery County Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) is encouraging residents to attend as they can learn about the products and services needed to improve health, increase comfort and reduce emissions from the homes.

The fair is not a fancy trade fair or a highbrow panel discussion. It is a free event with jam-packed programming including cooking demonstrations, an appliance “petting zoo,” a bouncy castle for the kids and more.

The DC Armory is easily accessible from Montgomery County by Metrorail and has plenty of parking. The parking fee is $10.

DEP says that deciding to invest in a heat pump is similar to the process of purchasing a pair of shoes. Initially, you might encounter an advertisement for them, sparking your interest. Then, seeing them on a friend further ignites your curiosity. The next step involves visiting a location where you can physically inspect, touch and compare them with other options, perhaps even trying them on. At this point, you might consider making the purchase.

This is precisely the experience offered by the Healthy Homes Fair. At the fair, attendees will be able to interact with more than 40 manufacturers, service providers, homeowners and renters who have decarbonized their spaces as they offer advice and guidance.

Those attending can learn how to eliminate 25 percent of emissions that comes from homes. Greenhouse gas emission from homes accounts for 25 percent of total final emissions in the region.

The Montgomery Energy Connection table at the fair will have more information about programs available to County residents.