July 31, 2014

County Named a “Tech Savvy” Jurisdiction – One of Four in the US for 2014

The Public Technology Institute (PTI) has designated Montgomery County as a Tech Savvy County in 2014. The County is one of only four local governments in the nation -- and the only County in Maryland -- to receive the designation during 2014.

The County’s performance was assessed in several areas, including: Ethics, Performance Management, Communication and Collaboration, Professional Development, Strategic Planning, Cybersecurity; Commitment to Green Technology; Innovation and Adherence to Standards of Excellence.

PTI’s Local Government Tech Savvy Designation Award Program recognizes PTI-member local governments that meet a list of criteria where technology is used to address issues, current challenges and future opportunities.


  1. What other local governments received the same designation?

    1. The other three Tech Savvy jurisdictions named by PTI are: Evanston, IL, Pinellas County, FL, and Sacramento County, CA. To see more information about the awards and a highlight from each of the four jurisdictions, paste http://www.pti.org/index.php/t1/more/217 into your brorwser.


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