July 17, 2014

Settlement with Clarksburg Developer Assures Finishing of Uncompleted Infrastructure, Related Amenities

The County has reached a settlement with NNP II, also known as Newland Company, that will result in finishing the uncompleted infrastructure in that portion of the Clarksburg Town Center (CTC) still under Newland’s control, along with related brick paver enhancements and completion of the amenities at Murphy’s Grove Pond.

Under the agreement, Newland must restart work immediately to finish road, sidewalk, and stormwater management facilities in the Town Center under its outstanding permits with the County.

Also, as part of the settlement, Newland will release the County from all claims associated with the termination of the Development District, which occurred in 2010. Earlier, Newland had constructed -- and the County had accepted -- arterial roads that cost $5.5 million. Newland expected to be reimbursed by the County for the roads through the Development District. When the County Council terminated the Development District, Newland received nothing from the County, and consequently, asserted a claim against the County for $6.5 million.

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