July 1, 2014

County’s DOT Issues Request for Energy Proposals to Install Solar Panels on Parking Garage Roofs

The Department of Transportation (MCDOT) has issued a Request for Energy Proposals (RFEP) to solicit responses from qualified solar electric power project developers interested in installing solar electric power generation systems on 12 County parking garages.

This project places Montgomery County among the first major east coast urban jurisdictions to have solar generation on top of its parking facilities. The project will not reduce the number of parking spaces.

MCDOT intends to purchase all electricity generated by the systems on a per kilowatt basis. Excess power can be used to reduce electric bills for County-owned underground garages.

See more information in the news release and on the Division of Parking’s website.


  1. So delighted and grateful that the County is taking leadership on this!

  2. the county should not claim to be in the forefront of solar energy. They are NOT>
    In the much maligned state of New Jersey in the town of Teaneck the entire town yes every street on every block (which is not a few parking garages) has solar panels.
    So county please don't think that you are so great . Spend less money and we will be better off.

  3. Installing solar panels on top of 12 garages is a good but not a great idea or important. Wonder how much energy and money would the County be saving by installing solar panel on the garage roofs.
    County should concentrate on road repairs and striping, add/improve street lighting and convert street lights from utility power to solar power with energy efficient lamps, improve landscaping with regular maintenance on county roads are a few areas where attention is required and should be made as a priority.


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