July 1, 2014

County Police Officer Honored for Service to Suburban Hospital

Second District Community Outreach Officer Dana Stroman recently became the first County law enforcement officer to receive Johns Hopkins Corporate Security’s Police Officer of the Year Award.

The award is presented to a police officer who, when answering calls for service to Johns Hopkins-owned institutions, has demonstrated a commitment to excellence and provided consistent support to Corporate Security and Johns Hopkins personnel. Previously, the award was given only to members of Howard County law enforcement. This year, the award was expanded to include law enforcement officers in Montgomery County and the District of Columbia.

Officer Stroman, a 22-year veteran of the County police force, was selected as the Montgomery County recipient based on her work with Johns Hopkins Suburban Hospital.

Her contributions included working with hospital management to change a hospital phone extension that resulted in inadvertent calls and hang-ups to the 9-1-1 emergency line and working with hospital security staff to develop a plan to increase safety and security in the hospital’s Emergency Room. She also organized monthly Senior (Citizen) Forums at Westfield Montgomery shopping center and included Suburban Hospital staff to take blood pressure readings and provide wellness information.

Stroman has been a Community Outreach Officer for the past 12 years.