July 31, 2014

Police Traffic Division Director Receives Highway Safety Hero Award

Montgomery County Police Traffic Division Director Captain Thomas Didone was honored by the Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety (Advocates) organization at their 25th Anniversary reception held on Capitol Hill. Members of Congress and federal and state leaders were recognized for their support of highway safety legislation. Captain Didone received one of 14 Highway Safety Hero Awards presented to citizen activists who have demonstrated their dedication to advancing highway safety initiatives.

A 28-year veteran of the force, Captain Didone has been a leading proponent of driver and pedestrian safety through a variety of established and innovative education and enforcement initiatives. As a result of his expertise, he has testified on behalf of proposals for new legislation to improve traffic safety or increase fines for related traffic offenses. He rededicated his efforts toward better driving habits for teens after his 15-year-old son Ryan was killed in a traffic collision in 2008. The car was driven by an inexperienced teen driver, and Ryan had uncharacteristically not used a backseat seat belt.

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