July 31, 2014

White Oak Science Gateway Master Plan Gets Council Approval

White Oak Science Gateway Master Plan
The Montgomery County Council has approved the White Oak Science Gateway Master Plan that will transform the area on the east side of the County around the Route 29 corridor and the Food and Drug Administration into a community of vibrant mixed-use centers.

The plan was approved by an 8-0 vote, with one abstention. Council President Craig Rice, Vice President George Leventhal and Councilmembers Phil Andrews, Roger Berliner, Cherri Branson, Nancy Floreen, Nancy Navarro and Hans Riemer voted to adopt the plan. Councilmember Marc Elrich abstained.

The White Oak Science Gateway Master Plan area is bounded by the Capital Beltway (I-495) on the south, Northwest Branch Stream Valley Park on the west, U.S. Route 29 and Cherry Hill Road on the north and Prince George’s County on the east

Read the news release.


  1. What does this Science Gateway do? Does the title mean anything? What is the educational benefit to the County?
    The description given here is oriented towards developers and money makers only.

  2. I still can't quite figure out who this is supposed to benefit. Certainly not the people who already live here. I guarantee that Route 29 in both directions will become impassable with the addition of thousands of more cars or even dedicated bus lanes.. They will have to widen Route 29 to 6 lanes in each direction (like 270) and it won't make an iota of difference. Right now, with no additional traffic it can sometimes take an hour to get to the Beltway (5 miles). After 35 years in the area, I think it is time to move.

  3. As someone who works in the area I can see more delays, more traffic and more congestion. I can't wait to retire so I don't need to deal with the traffic anymore and also move out of Montgomery County where foolish spending decisions seem to dominate, Only Marc Elrich spoke any sense on the subject.

  4. This is fine, but as a resident of the area (slightly north in Colesville) I would appreciate a map of the changes.

  5. The information provided on the transportation needed for the success of this plan is extremely optimistic. It is hard to believe that bus transport on the horrendously busy Rt 29 will be a success.
    Any detail on rapid transport were missing from this glowing news release.

  6. This is probably one of the most irresponsible things I have ever seen. The antithesis of smart growth. All involved should be ashamed for being so blatantly greedy and having such disregard for the quality of life in this area.

    1. I completely agree--politicians seem to bask in the glory of photo ops Science is great, but this is about commercialization; developers and others making lots of money, while the populace trudges on with increasingly horrendous traffic, sometimes gridlock, and an overall decline in the quality of life. Not sure how suburbs have devolved into urban areas, when we have two clearly urban venues in our greater Metro area--called DC and Baltimore. Many of us didn't knowingly sign up to live in a city. I suspect that at some point, we will see a migration out of areas that no longer offer what some folks have wanted in their suburban life--namely, relatively easy parking, non-gridlocked roads, and relative peace and quiet, but with reasonable access to amenities--a compromise between urban and rural.

  7. Oh boy! Can't wait. Cheek to Jowl congestion! Brilliant planning. This neighborhood was so nice back in 1990. Gone forever.

  8. I've seen no mention of Fire Department service in the area with this new plan...is there a plan to build a new fire station? Are they just going to do away with a valuable service to this area?

  9. Congestion will grow to the point where will people will simply decide to move out of the area. I am moving to Florida!


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