January 5, 2022

Amended Board of Health Regulation to Continue Indoor Masking Through Jan. 31 Approved by County Council

The Montgomery County Council, acting as the County Board of Health, earlier this week approved an amended Board of Health regulation to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and to update indoor masking guidance in the County. The new regulation continues indoor mask requirements at any location accessible to the public in Montgomery County until 11.59 p.m. on Jan. 31.

The Council will meet as the Board of Health every two weeks to evaluate the public health data associated with community transmission of COVID-19 to determine if the indoor mask mandate should continue.

The COVID-19 omicron variant has pushed Montgomery County and other areas of the country into an extended period of high COVID-19 transmission. Consequently, Acting Health Officer James Bridgers requested that the Council, sitting as the Board of Health. rescind the automatic termination of the indoor mask mandate.

The Board of Health regulation continues the indoor masking requirements at any location accessible to the public in Montgomery County by doing the following:
  • Rescinds the provision that would automatically terminate the indoor mask mandate when 85 percent of the population becomes fully vaccinated.
  • Removes the requirement to end the indoor mask mandate when the County moves into moderate transmission.
  • Continues the indoor mask mandate until 11:59 p.m. on Jan. 31, when the regulation expires without any further action by the Board of Health or the County's health officer.
  • Requires the Board of Health to meet every two weeks to review data on community transmission and consider whether the indoor mask mandate should continue.
  • Eliminates the outdated language requiring the County Executive to provide status updates on the County's employee vaccination mandate.
Students are still required to wear face coverings in schools based on requirements from the Maryland State Department of Education. Face coverings are still required on public transportation as required by the Transportation Security Administration.

The Council staff report about the Board of Health regulation is available here.