January 5, 2022

New Free ‘Fire Fit Fire Smart Bootcamp’ Starting Monday, Jan. 10, in Wheaton Aims to Empower Middle and High School Girls

A new free empowerment program for middle and high school girls called “Fire Fit Fire Smart Bootcamp” will begin Monday, Jan. 10, at the Wheaton Community Recreation Center. The six-week program is for girls ages 13-18.

The Wheaton Community Recreation Center is located at 11701 Georgia Ave. The programs will take place from 4-6 p.m. on Monday and Wednesday evenings.

The program will break down barriers in a fun, safe, interactive and physically demanding environment. The program introduces challenges to encourage girls to push themselves while being supported by a team. Participants will develop healthy fitness and nutrition plans and take part in activities that develop strength, build confidence and improve leadership skills, while increasing knowledge of fire safety and careers in fire service. Fire Fit Fire Smart will outline the path for a career in fire service.

Montgomery County Recreation has organized the program in collaboration with the Montgomery County Fire and Rescue Service and The Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program with the University of Maryland Extension.

“This program is ideal for any young woman who wants to get healthier and learn more about a career in fire service,” said Recreation Department Director Robin Riley. “The program helps girls set and reach fitness challenges and learn more about how to become healthy through increased physical activity and good nutritional choices.”

To register for the program, go to ActiveMontgomery.