January 12, 2022

Shady Grove and Rockville Metrorail Stations Reopening on Sunday, Jan. 16

The Shady Grove and Rockville Metrorail stations will reopen on Sunday, Jan. 16, following a four-month shutdown for the Rockville Canopy Replacement Project.

During the station closures, construction crews worked around the clock to rebuild the platform canopy at Rockville Station, install safety and communications improvements at Shady Grove and Rockville stations and advance safety-critical track work.

Riders at the Rockville Station will benefit from several user experience improvements on the station’s platform including brighter, more efficient LED lights, upgraded speakers and new digital passenger information screens. At the Shady Grove Station, the platform canopy, roof and escalators have been repaired. Both stations also will have new, upgraded faregates to make accessing transit easier as part of Metro’s system-wide initiative to modernize fare equipment to be faster and more reliable.

The Park & Ride Lot at the Rockville Station is fully repaved to provide customers with safer and more accessible parking. However, some ongoing parking closures will remain in effect as Metro completes improvements and restores the parking facilities at both stations over the coming weeks. County Ride On buses will remain at the current site until work on the Rockville Kiss and Ride lot is complete.

Customers can expect some continuing construction activities on customer experience improvements. All additional work will be completed safely, while the stations remain open.

The closure also allowed Metro to perform safety-critical work on the tracks between the Shady Grove and Rockville stations including repairs to the signal system, track maintenance, third-rail power cable inspections and repairs and switch machine replacement.

While the new canopy at Rockville Station provides cover for customers, it remains temporarily unfinished while Metro determines the best type of exterior panels needed to complete the project. Metro and its contractor are working to develop a permanent solution and will communicate details when available.