January 26, 2022

County Libraries Provide Free Access for Cardholders for Publications Such as ‘The Washington Post’ and ‘Consumer Reports’

Montgomery County Public Libraries (MCPL) provide many services for their users. Among them are free online access for library card holders to publications such as The Washington Post and Consumer Reports.

Unlimited access to The Washington Post’s digital service WashingtonPost.com is available on seven-day licenses. After seven days, library cardholders can register for another seven-day viewing period.

Online access to full-text stories in Consumer Reports also is available to County library cardholders. Consumer Reports articles can save time and money for residents shopping for a wide variety of items. Unlimited access provides information on ratings and reviews for more than 8,500 products and services including appliances, cars and electronics.

For online access to The Washington Post, MCPL library card holders should go to mcpl.link/washingtonpost.

For online access to Consumer Reports, MCPL library card holders should go to mcpl.link/consumer-reports.

MCPL also provides online access to other popular publications for cardholders through services such as Pressreader, Flipster and Libby.

To access PressReader, go to mcpl.link/press-reader. To access Flipster, go to mcpl.link/flipster. To access Libby, go to mcpl.link/ebooks.

For information on how to obtain a MCPL library card, go to mcpl.link/library-card.