April 6, 2022

‘How to Avoid Scams Targeting Seniors’ Will Be the Topic of Seminars Around the County in April

Seminars on “How to Avoid Scams Targeting Seniors” will be presented at senior communities and centers around Montgomery County in April by John McCarthy, the Montgomery County State’s Attorney, and Eric Friedman, the ​director of the County’s Office of Consumer Protection. 

State's Attorney McCarthy created ​the “Crimes Against Seniors and Vulnerable Adults” unit (CASVA) to focus on the protection of seniors from financial and physical crimes. The office of OCP Director Friedman is active year-round in warning consumers of traditional and newly evolving scams.

During the April seminars, they will discuss common fraudulent activities, scams and other types of financial exploitation that target seniors. They will talk about how seniors—and their family members and friends—can be aware of suspicious activities. The seminars also will emphasize that awareness and prevention are the first steps in safeguarding assets—and early reporting that someone may have been tricked into a scam is imperative.

Among the advice they will offer is how it is critical to plan ahead for financial wellbeing and the possibility of diminished financial capacity.

The seminar at the Rockville Senior Center on Friday, April 8, will be broadcast virtually. It will not be an in-person event. Advance registration is required to participate online.

The schedule of the seminars:
Learn more about the CASVA unit of the State’s Attorney’s Office at https://www.montgomerycountymd.gov/SAO/units/specialprosecution.html