April 6, 2022

LGBTQ History in Montgomery County and Maryland to be Focus of Montgomery History Presentation Available on Monday, April 11

A collective of Maryland organizations and agencies have completed a groundbreaking research document, the “Maryland LGBTQ Historic Context,” making Maryland the second state in the nation to do so. The report, released in September 2020, illuminates Maryland LGBTQ history in rural, suburban and urban locations. The report will be the focus of a Montgomery History presentation available online starting Monday, April 11.

The presentation can be viewed on the Montgomery History website. No registration is required to see the presentation. It will be available through Monday, April 18.

“Maryland LGBTQ Historic Context” includes discussion about sites associated with non-binary historical figures, leading “out” elected officials, strong community groups, popular gay bars, advocacy for AIDS treatment and marriage equality and other important sites. The report has spurred local efforts to research and preserve specific properties–including two homes in Montgomery County associated with prominent LGBTQ Marylanders.