April 20, 2022

‘About That Slap—Tips for Conflict Resolution’ from County’s Director of Health and Human Services Will Be Featured Topic on ‘What’s Happening MoCo’ Podcast

Just a few short weeks ago, the world let out a collective gasp as actor Will Smith slapped comedian Chris Rock during the Academy Awards show in response to Rock’s joke about Smith’s wife, actress Jada Pinkette Smith. On the latest episode of the What’s Happening MoCo podcast, Montgomery County’s Director of the Department of Health and Human Services, Raymond Crowel, shares his insights regarding the controversial incident.

Over the course of the conversation, Dr. Crowel, a clinical psychologist and psychotherapist, provides practical tips on how people should respond in similar situations and ways to manage the stress that may lead to adverse reactions.

The episode “About that Slap—Tips for Conflict Resolution” is now available.

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