April 6, 2022

Three Dance Classes to Get Bodies and Minds Moving Are Being Offered by Montgomery Recreation

Dancing has always played a major role in most societies. From being deeply rooted in the history of cultures, representing and celebrating one’s heritage, to connecting people from all ages and backgrounds. This spring, Montgomery Recreation is offering classes in Senior Ballroom Dancing and Bollywood Dance Fitness and a Creative Combo class for girls ages 8-12.

Dancing has a transformative power over humans (and sometimes animals) to the point it has been considered one of the purest and most creative forms of self-expression.

The classes that will be offered are:


Embrace your love of ballroom dancing. Novices can learn new skills and gain self-confidence, while more experienced dancers will pick up new steps and polish their technique. Partners are not necessary to participate. Participants will rotate partners, with everyone learning to lead and follow. The program is free. Register today.


Learn the latest in Bollywood dance while getting a great cardio workout. Techniques include hand, feet and body movements set to romantic popular music with a fast beat. Stay in shape while learning a fun art. Register today.


This high-energy class for girls 8-12 years old teaches a range of dance forms such as ballet, modern dance, cultural dance, mime, and flag techniques. Dancers will add their own unique moves to choreography and music curated by the Instructor. Register today.