November 10, 2021

Department of Transportation is Hiring Ride On Bus Operators

The Montgomery County Department of Transportation (MCDOT) has immediate openings for full-time and part-time Ride On bus operators. The positions offer applicants 21-and-over paid CDL license training, a competitive benefits package and a fun, supportive atmosphere, with ongoing professional development opportunities.

Transportation is one of the County’s most important resources. MCDOT’s Ride On bus service achieves an essential mission of the County by connecting people, communities, workplaces, educational institutions and many other essential destinations. MCDOT owns and operates nearly 400 buses.

“I’m a social person, so I really enjoy meeting new people and personalities every day,” said Ride On operator Yader Mendez-Sotelo. “I’ve never seen a company that pushes people forward like MCDOT does. My chief started out as a Ride On driver, so you know there is room here for advancement. Drivers work together and help each other, and management works with you.”

Supporting residents and visitors with transit options and infrastructure, MCDOT is a large organization with about 1,300 employees.

Learn more about being a Ride On operator, about MCDOT and how to apply for a position at