March 23, 2022

Montgomery History Presentation on ‘Canal Quarters: Explore Seven Lockhouses on the C&O Canal’ Will Be Available on Monday, March 28

Nearly all of the 74 lift locks along the C&O Canal were accompanied by a lockhouse, where the locktender and his family lived. The stories behind seven revitalized lockhouses will be told in a Montgomery History presentation Canal Quarters: Explore Seven Lockhouses on the C&O Canal that will be available after 10 a.m. on Monday, March 28.

Overall, the lockhouses are in varying states of repair. Seven that have been revitalized are managed by the C&O Canal Trust as venues for overnight interpretive experiences.

Heather Barnes of the C&O Canal Trust will lead the closer look at what time period each lockhouse represents, the lives of the people who lived in them and what treasures they hold now.

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