September 16, 2021

‘What’s Happening MoCo’ Podcast Focuses on County Office of Consumer Protection Warnings to Beware of Certain Scams

The latest episode of the “What’s Happening MoCo” podcast provides residents with information to identify and react to scams that are currently circulating. The episode features Montgomery County Office of Consumer Protection (OCP) Administrator Tracy Rezvani, who talks about “parking lot pirates,” unsolicited door knockers and COVID-19 scammers. Ms. Rezvani also discusses the limited protections of popular payment options such as Venmo, Cash App and debit cards.

OCP enforces consumer protection laws that prevent unfair and deceptive business acts to ensure a fair environment for consumers and businesses. For more information about OCP or to file a complaint, visit its website at or dial 311 and ask for “consumer protection.”

Episodes of the What’s Happening MoCo podcast include complete unedited live recordings of interviews to ensure an authentic presentation of information.

The latest episode is now available.

The on-demand video of the newest episode can be viewed via the What’s Happening MoCo Facebook page at The podcast also can be heard via several popular podcast platforms including Apple Podcasts at, Spotify, Amazon Music (ask Alexa to play the What’s Happening MoCo podcast), iHeartRadio, Google Podcasts and others.

In past episodes, podcast host Derrick Kenny has talked with guests on a wide variety of subjects. The show’s guests have included elected officials, Montgomery employees who specialize in specific aspects of government, business leaders and entertainers who live in the County. New podcasts are released twice a month.

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