September 23, 2021

County Recreation Rolls Out Fall PLAYMontgomery Activities

Montgomery County Recreation has announced the expansion of its dynamic youth sports program PLAYMontgomery. This season’s lineup includes traditional sports, such as lacrosse, soccer and basketball, and non-traditional sports such as rock-climbing and skateboarding.

PLAYMontgomery eliminates socioeconomic disadvantages that often prevent young people from participating in sports. Providing a wider variety of sports opportunities to underserved neighborhoods and subsidizing costs are fundamental to ensuring that underserved youth can access to sports.

PLAYMontgomery Lacrosse will provide a top-notch sporting experience for boys and girls ages 6-13 of all skill levels. Participants will have the opportunity to learn lacrosse skills in a positive and well-organized learning environment provided by some of the County’s best sports providers. Locations include Calverton-Galway Local Park, Good Hope Local Park and Mid County Community Recreation Center Field. The leagues begin the last week of September.

PLAYMontgomery Soccer Leagues include eight regular season games and one practice per week. PLAYMontgomery U10 boys soccer and girls soccer leagues, for fourth and fifth grade students, are played at White Oak Community Recreation Center Field.

PLAYMontgomery U8 boys soccer and girls soccer leagues, for second and third grade students, are played at White Oak Community Recreation Center Field. Soccer leagues begin the last week of September.

On Oct. 8, an early release date for Montgomery County Public Schools, four kids day out programs will be offered from 1:30- 6:30 p.m. Kids Day Out – PLAYMontgomery is offered at the Potomac and Germantown community recreation centers. The activities provide an afternoon of organized activities to help young people stay active and find their game.

Kids Day Out – PLAYMontgomery Basketball Skills and Drills is a basketball skills program to help children of all abilities improve their basketball skills. The coaches are former professional and college athletes who focus on position-specific fundamentals and advanced drill sequences for all phases of the game. The programs are offered at the Jane E. Lawton and Wheaton Community Recreation Centers.

PLAYMontgomery Rock N Roll provides an opportunity for kids ages 8-14 to experience rock climbing, bike riding and skateboarding. The program is offered from 4-6 p.m. on Tuesday and Thursday beginning Oct. 12 at the White Oak Community Recreation Center.

RecAssist, MCR’s financial assistance program, is available for PLAYMontgomery programs. RecAssist makes financial assistance available to residents who receive public assistance. The RecAssist Fund subsidizes Recreation activity and membership fees so eligible residents pay reduced fees for most recreation services.

Online registration is available at, the registration and facility reservation system shared by Montgomery County Recreation, Montgomery Parks and Community Use of Public Facilities.

For more information, call 240-777-6840.