September 23, 2021

No Longer Needed Bikes for Kids and Adults Can Be Donated on Friday, Oct. 8, During Annual Bike Collection Event in Downtown Rockville

Bicycles that are no longer needed can have useful second lives for kids and adults if they are donated on Friday, Oct. 8, to the Annual Bike Collection Drive sponsored by the Montgomery County Department of Transportation (MCDOT).

MCDOT employees will be collecting the bicycles as part of its efforts during Community Service Month. Employees and volunteers will collect bikes from 7 a.m. through 2 p.m. outside of the Montgomery County Council parking garage entrance at the corner of East Jefferson and Monroe streets in Downtown Rockville. No bike parts or helmets will be collected.

Donated bicycles will go to the Rockville Bike Hub, a nonprofit organization whose volunteers refurbish the bikes and give them to low-income residents throughout the County. The bicycles are distributed through Rockville's Terrific Kids and MCDOT's Bike Match MoCo programs.

Residents may also donate by check to the Rockville Bike Hub during the bicycle collection event. All donated funds will be used to purchase bike helmets and parts to repair the bikes.

For more information about the bike donation event, contact Paul Gatons of MCDOT’s Commuter Services Division at or at 240-777-7162.